Happy Herbivore 7 Day Meal Plan: Day 1, Summer Rolls

I’ve been following Happy Herbivore since before I decided to be vegan.  Lindsay Nixon’s recipes are super easy, and her website and cookbooks were one of the main catalysts for me to start a plant-based lifestyle.  She’s so reassuring and kind, and it gave me the confidence to begin cooking food that could heal my body instead of hurting it.  So, I’m not sure why it’s taken me 2 years to buy one of her weekly meal plans.  I suppose I just assumed that since I had all of her cookbooks, the meal plans wouldn’t hold any value for me.  I was wrong, because the meal plans have one thing that my haphazard method of cooking what looks good to me that day doesn’t have – cohesiveness.  I bought the family plan for this week to try it out, and I’m going to be reporting on the recipes and whether I think the $7.00 charge was worth it.

I have a favorite thing about the meal plan already – the grocery shopping list.  It’s printable, or you can download it on your phone, and it lists exactly how much of each ingredient you need.  I bought 1 poblano pepper, because that’s all I’m going to use this week.  No waste.  I also like that the ingredients are listed by amount on the grocery list, such as 4 limes, instead of by volume, such as 1/2 cup lime juice.  It makes shopping painless.
Happy Herbivore Meal Plan Day 1There are 7 dinner recipes in the family meal plan.  They are not ordered by day of the week, so you can pick and choose based on what you’re hungry for that day.  The recipes make 4 servings, so there’s enough leftovers for lunch the next day!  Tonight I made the Summer Rolls.  Preparation was a little bit irritating, because the actual “rolling” part of making summer rolls is pretty difficult.  Rice paper can be hard to work with, and my “rolls” mostly ended up looking like misshapen, loose, see-through burritos.  I was also really doubtful about the dipping sauce, because it’s pretty powerful when you first make it.  *However* I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this recipe.  Even though my summer rolls were hideous, they were delicious.  The veggies inside worked perfectly together, and when dunked in that powerful sauce, the rolls were perfect!  The sauce was sweet and limey, and it needed to have a kick to stand up to all those vegetables.  So far, I’m a “happy herbivore” 🙂
Happy Herbivore Meal Plan Day 1

Do you have any tips for using rice paper?  How do you make beautiful spring/summer rolls?

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