Happy Herbivore 7 Day Meal Plan: Day 4, Thai Rice Salad

Happy Herbivore Thai Rice SaladHappy Herbivore Thai Rice SaladThere are a lot of beautiful things in the world.  This Thai rice salad is one of them.  I’m sometimes amazed by the kaleidoscope of colors bursting out of plant foods.  Orange and yellow bell pepper blends with brilliant green edamame.  The shreds of basil and mint are difficult to see, but add bursts of freshness to every bite.  Black rice adds a sultry, earthy wholesomeness to the entire dish, and creaminess is folded in with curried coconut milk sauce.
Happy Herbivore Thai Rice Salad
Happy Herbivore Thai Rice Salad
I’m rather addicted to this Thai Rice Salad.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first, but it kept compelling me to take another bite.  The fresh mint is a surprising flavor, although not unpleasant.  This recipe was nothing like I expected and everything I didn’t know I wanted for dinner.  I literally could not stop eating this meal.
Happy Herbivore Thai Rice Salad
I added about 2 cups of edamame instead of the called for 3/4 cup.  That is the only modification I made, other than using black rice in place of brown.  Black rice, sometimes called Forbidden Rice, has all the health benefits of brown rice but isn’t as strong an earthy flavor.  Next time I make this recipe I’ll add more curry paste for a bit of a kick!  One note about this recipe – it makes a whole heck of a lot.  Six cups of rice is way more than I can eat.

Day four of trying the Happy Herbivore 7 Day Meal Plan was a success.  I have leftovers for tomorrow (and probably enough to freeze for three more meals).

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