Review: Happy Herbivore 7 Day Meal Plan

This week, I’ve been testing out the 7 Day Meal Plan from Happy Herbivore.  I chose to buy the family meal plan, which provides seven dinner recipes that serve four, plus a bonus of two breakfast and two lunch recipes.  The cost to purchase one week is $7.00, although there is a monthly subscription option as well for around $19.  I have been reading Happy Herbivore’s blog for almost three years now, and I have every cookbook she’s written (except the new one).  I always assumed that the meal plans were a waste of time, since I owned all her cookbooks, and could recipe plan myself.  Boy, was I wrong.

I only made five of the seven recipes, because there was a lot of leftovers.  Every night, I made a recipe, and ate the leftovers for lunch the next day.  I had only one “cheat” meal this week, and that was just veggie sushi, miso soup, and a side of french fries at a local restaurant.  For breakfast I relied on my trusty smoothies made with banana, spinach, cashew milk, blueberries, and Vega chocolate protein powder.  I did not eat junk food of any kind, other than the one meal I ate out.  I allowed myself three semisweet chocolate chips as a desert each night.  I lost three and a half pounds.  That’s incredible!  I know that Lindsay Nixon, creator of Happy Herbivore, has said many times that she’s gained and lost the same 10 pounds for years, and it was only when she started following her own meal plans that she lost that weight and kept it off.  I guess for some reason I assumed that didn’t apply to me and I could just keep consuming processed food while still losing weight.  Nope.

I’ll admit I was skeptical initially, but I can’t argue with a three and a half pound weight loss in one week.  I’ve also noticed that I haven’t needed as much sleep – I’ve been staying up an hour later each night and still feeling refreshed when I wake up the next morning.  The meal plans work!  Here’s a snapshot of the five recipes I made this week:
Sunday: Summer Rolls
Happy Herbivore Meal Plan Day 1

Monday: Buffalo Chickpea Pasta Salad
Happy Herbivore Meal Plan Buffalo Chickpea Salad

Tuesday: Baked Barbque Tofu and Corn on the Cob
Happy Herbivore Meal Plan Baked Tofu

Wednesday: Thai Rice Salad
Happy Herbivore Thai Rice Salad

Thursday: Potato Verde Tacos
Happy Herbivore Potato Verde Tacos

Friday and today so far I’ve just eaten leftovers.  The two recipes I did not try were Spicy Mango Stuffed Sweet Potatoes, and Mexican Spaghetti Squash.

The most helpful part of the meal plan was the shopping list.  I knew exactly what I needed to buy, so I didn’t stray and buy items just because “they looked good.”  The recipes were also incredibly easy.  If you can chop some veggies and know how to work a stove/oven, you can make this food.  The recipes only took about a half hour each to make (plus downtime if rice or potatoes were cooking).  I was concerned the meals were going to be bland, but they weren’t at all.

I’ve eaten healthy, home-cooked food all week.  I’ve lost weight, and feel fantastic.  The meal plans are worth the money.  Want to invest in your health?  It only costs $7.00.  I highly recommend the investment.

I purchased the meal plan from Happy Herbivore with my own money.  I am not in any way being compensated for reviewing this product – I just really really love it!  

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