The Liebster Award!!!

I am beyond excited to have been nominated for The Liebster Award by Perri at the lovely blog Life Gone Vegan!  Perri shares wonderful vegan and gluten free recipes and I love her charm.  She actually nominated me back in December, but it was right before finals and I just didn’t have the time to really thoughtfully answer the questions.  The Liebster Award recognizes new blogs with great content, and is a way to welcome fledgling blogs to the online community.  I am so grateful for Perri’s nomination.  I’ll first answer the questions Perri asked, then tell you 11 random facts about myself, then nominate some other new blogs for this award!


1) What inspires you to write or photograph on your blog?

Food.  Always the food.  I could barely cook before I became vegan, and learning how to join flavors together into magical culinary combinations has been such a wonderful experience.  I have a stackp of cookbooks by my bed, and I’ll often read them before bedtime just for inspiration (and to drool over the photos!).

2) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Gosh, this one’s hard.  My favorite place in America has always been Virginia, but I’ve always been fascinated by Ireland for some reason, though I’ve never been.  Maybe “live” is too much of a commitment.  Can I just visit Ireland?

3) What is your favorite TV show?

I love all cooking shows, especially Chopped and The Worst Cook in America.  My favorite drama is Lie To Me, but it was cancelled after a few seasons 🙁

4) Which character from books, television, or movies do you identify with?

I’d like to identify with the heroines, powerful women who know what they want and put everything into getting it.  But in reality, I’m more like the nerd girl in the library with a giant stack of books.  If I were cooler, I’d be Jess from New Girl.

5) What would be your superpower?

Teleportation.  I hate how LONG it takes to go places.  If I could just open a door in my house, and walk out onto a beach somewhere…

6) What is your ultimate comfort food?

Carbs.  Carbs carbs carbs.  ALL THE CARBS.  French fries or pasta is my ultimate comfort food.

7) What is your most memorable trip?

The one time I’ve been out of America, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Israel for five weeks.  It was life-changing.

8) What is your favorite inspirational quote?

It’s part of a poem by Fran Winant.  The first part reads: “Eat rice, have faith in women; what I don’t know now I can still learn” (read a larger excerpt of the poem here).  I love this so much that I got “Eat rice, have faith in women” tattooed on my leg.  It embodies my philosophy in life – veganism, feminism.

9) Beach or mountains?

Beach, all day, every day.  I live in Florida, after all!

10) What is your spirit animal?

I’m not actually sure about this one.  I’m pretty sure Buzzfeed told me my spirit animal was a bear once, but we all know how those quizzes lie.

11) If you could have any job in the world for a week, what would you choose?

I’d be some sort of yoga guru in a really wonderful far-away place, helping people find peace.

And here are 11 random facts about me!
1) I totally used to be one of those really annoying people who responded “BUT BACON THO!#$@!@#!” when confronted with veganism.  Been there, done that.  Bought the t-shirt.  Gave it to Goodwill.  Sorry about how obnoxious I was, old vegan friends.
2) I have hated working out my whole life.  I am the opposite of athletic.  (I’m trying to change that, so expect some fun blog posts about exercise in the future!)
3) My favorite fruit is the purple plum.  I could eat like ten of them at once.
4) My favorite vegetable is asparagus.  I regularly eat an entire pound in one sitting.  My husband thinks I’m crazy.
5) I didn’t have text messaging on my phone until after I got married.  That was in 2011!
6) I started taking college classes when I was 15 (refer to previous comment about being that nerd girl).
7) Water is my favorite beverage.  Yes, water.  No, I’m not lying.
8) For a living, I handle automobile accidents with injuries.  It’s about as fun as it sounds.
9) About once every six months, I put on Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca very loudly and play it on repeat for at least half an hour.
10) I thought about starting a blog for a really long time before I finally did, mostly because I was terrified.
11) There has only been a few years in my life total where I didn’t have a cat.

Now, for my nominee’s for The Liebster Award!!!

Klunker’s Kitchen

Plant Based Christian

Don’t Lose the Cow

Rachelle’s Best Life

My Questions for the Nominees Are:
1) What inspired you to start blogging?
2) What is your favorite thing about having a food blog?
3) Coffee or tea?
4) What is your best tip for new vegans/plant based people?
5) What is your favorite vacation you’ve ever taken?
6) What is your favorite chore, and least favorite chore?
7) Italian cuisine, or Hispanic cuisine?
8) If they were to make a movie about your life, would it end up on Lifetime, HBO, or ABC Family?
9) If money wasn’t an issue, what would you with your time all day?
10) What do you eat/drink when you need a quick pick-me-up and more energy?
11) What is your favorite kind of exercise?


1. Create a post dedicated to the award, linking back to your nomination, and display the award in the post, or elsewhere on your blog.  (Google the Liebster Award for more images to choose from!)

2. Answer the eleven questions I provided, then include eleven random facts about yourself — remember, the goal is to get to know your fellow bloggers a little bit better.

3. Nominate blogs that you feel deserve the award, and have fewer than 1,000 followers.

4. Create a list of new questions for your nominees, and explain the rules in your own post.

5. Let your nominees know via a comment on their blog, a message, or however you can get them the memo, and have fun!

Thank you so much to Perri from Life Gone Vegan for nominating me, and I look forward to hearing all about my nominees!

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