Vegan Test Kitchen: “Baked Spanish Rice” from Thug Kitchen

Welcome to a new series on ThisVeganWhimsyVegan Test Kitchen!  I have many wonderful vegan cookbooks, and this fun feature will highlight recipes that I have tried.  I’ll tell you whether I loved or hated the final product, and if the recipes are worth your time or should be tossed in the trash!  I’m excited to review vegan cookbooks in this way, recipe by recipe, instead of writing a single post on each book.  This opens so many more possibilities!

First up is the Baked Spanish Rice recipe from Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck.  The Thug Kitchen blog has been famous for some time now for it’s colorful recipes and colorful language.  If you’re not a fan of curse words, DO NOT buy this book, or even click on the link to their website.  Nearly every recipe has at least one curse word, most dropped in at random.  It makes for general hilarity while reading and one of the most entertaining cookbooks I’ve seen in a while.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you; this cookbook lives up to it’s name.  Aside from the language, Thug Kitchen has great recipes!  Or so I’ve been told.  I’ve only tried two so far!

Without further ado, here is the first recipe from the Vegan Test Kitchen.
Baked Spanish Rice Thug Kitchen
If you don’t own the cookbook, you’re in luck!  I found a link to the recipe online.  The Baked Spanish Rice recipe can be found HERE.

1. Was the recipe easy to make?  You bet!  If you can chop veggies, have a blender, a pot, and an oven, you can make this!
2. How long did the recipe take? This wasn’t a short recipe, but most of the time is inactive, while the rice is baking in the oven.  Active time is about twenty minutes.  Total time is about an hour and a half.
3. Would I make the recipe again?  Yes.  I doubled the recipe and it made a TON, so I’ve been munching on it since Sunday.  It’s super convenient to have this around for a quick meal before working out.  It’s also multipurpose – I can make a burrito with it, use is as a side, or add more veggies for a complete meal.
Baked Spanish Rice Thug Kitchen Recipe Comments:
– I completely left out the called for oil.  The final product was not affected a bit.
– I doubled the recipe, and I almost overflowed by 9 x 13 pan!  Definitely don’t triple it.
– Instead of the called for 1 cup each of corn and peas, I added one pound of each.  I used frozen corn and peas and steamed them lightly before stirring them in, because I hadn’t bothered to defrost them.  You can never have too many veggies!
– I didn’t add the cilantro, because I forgot to buy some at the store.  I’m sure that would have added a nice depth of flavor.
– DO NOT TASTE THE SAUCE BEFORE IT BAKES.  It is hella spicy and your lips will burn for half an hour.  It mellows out significantly as it bakes, and the final product is hardly spicy at all.
– Do not leave out the fresh lime juice at the end.  Without the lime juice I found the overall flavor to be slightly bland.  The lime juice adds something special.  I recommend way more lime than the recipe calls for – 1/2 lime per serving.
– I personally would have liked to spice the recipe up a bit more.  Next time I’ll use a bit more salt and maybe some cayenne pepper or Mrs. Dash lemon pepper.  I love heavily spiced things though.

This recipe is just fine to eat by itself, as a side, or in a burrito.  It makes a fantastic burrito filling.  My husband doesn’t really like brown rice, but he liked it this way.  The spices and sauce mask some of the earthy flavor of the rice.
Overall, I give this recipe a 6/10 without the lime, and a 8/10 with the lime.  I’ve eaten it four times since Sunday, so I’m very sure of this rating.
Baked Spanish Rice - Thug Kitchen 1

I’m excited to share more recipes with you guys!  Up later this week will be the Almond Caesar Salad with Homemade Croutons, also from Thug Kitchen.  I’m going to try to work in a homemade cabbage “noodle” soup later this week as well, depending on how much time I have to cook!

Do you have any recipes from Thug Kitchen you’d like me to try?  Let me know in the comments!

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