Vegan Test Kitchen: Buffalo Hummus from “No Meat Athlete”

Hummus is a food group for vegans.  It’s tasty and versatile, and often it’s the only “vegan option” at parties.  It can be used as a dip for veggies, a salad dressing, a potato topping, or a spread on a sandwich or wrap.  I like to top my rice and veggie bowls with a generous scoop for extra flavor.  The only issue with hummus is that it is rather expensive if you buy it already prepared.  For the cost of one container of Sabra Hummus (generally around $4 dollars), I could make three batches at home.  The homemade batches also yield more hummus than the store bought containers.  Homemade hummus can be made without the added oils and preservatives found in prepackaged brands, which makes it a bit healthier.  All you need is a food processor.

I like flavored hummus much more than plain.  When I saw the Buffalo Hummus recipe in the No Meat Athlete book I knew immediately that I had to make it.  Spicy hummus!?  Get in my belly!
Buffalo Hummus No Meat Athlete

The Buffalo Hummus recipe is available HERE.

I truly loved this hummus recipe.  It’s spicy without being overpowering, and the roasted red pepper matches the smoked paprika and gives it such a depth of flavor.  It’s not incredibly spicy; it’s more of a background heat.  If you want more heat, just add some cayenne pepper or use more hot sauce.  I used two tablespoons of liquid from the canned chickpeas instead of oil, and I don’t think it affected the creaminess of the hummus at all.  An important point is to let your food processor run for a least a few minutes – I let mine run for five minutes.  The longer it runs, the smoother and creamier the hummus will be.  Be patient.  Check facebook or do some dishes while it whirs away.
Buffalo Hummus No Meat Athlete
Buffalo Hummus No Meat Athlete
I have tried the Buffalo Hummus as a dip for carrots and peppers, as a mayo substitute on a veggie sandwich, and as a topping for a bowl filled with yellow rice, green beans and tofu.  It’s perfect cold, but it tastes great warmed up as a topping for hot food also.  This is the first recipe I’ve made from the No Meat Athlete book, but I’m quite sure it will not be the last.  I bought the book for the running knowledge and tips on how to be a better vegan athlete.  The recipes were a bonus!  There’s many high protein and macro-friendly meals in this book, which makes it perfectly suited for athletes.  There’s also a few recipes for energy gels/snacks, and recovery drinks – items that are generally not that healthy when purchased from a store (like Gatorade).  I’m quite happy I purchased the book, as it’s a great resource.  You can also check out to view all of the information they give away for free, including a great podcast.
Buffalo Hummus No Meat AthleteVegan Test Kitchen is a way to share my collection of vegan cookbooks with you, my wonderful readers!  This way, you can “try before you buy” on many recipes from the best vegan chefs out there.

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