Vegan Test Kitchen: “Luxurious Tomato Basil Pasta” from the Oh She Glows Cookbook

Spring break is often a time for partying, getting crazy, and ignoring all responsibility.  I certainly had my share of spring break fun when I was in college (who am I kidding?  I spent my spring breaks in the library and volunteering.  I was super boring!), but nowadays spring break is a time for me to practice stillness and be thankful for the blessings in my life.  I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to enjoy a kaleidoscope sunset on a Tuesday night while eating a fancy “restaurant” meal.  High class pasta dishes usually come with a high price tag of calories and fat, and can be time consuming.  This Luxurious Tomato Basil Pasta from The Oh She Glows Cookbook is one of the most sumptuous dishes I’ve had in some time, and it’s easy enough to make on a weeknight!
Luxurious Tomato Basil Pasta from Oh She Glows
I couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Oh She Glows Cookbook when it was published.  I’ve been reading Angela Liddon’s delightful blog, Oh She Glows since before I even decided to transition into veganism.  Her photography makes my mouth water, and she shares her soul with her readers so beautifully.
Luxurious Tomato Basil Pasta from Oh She Glows
Luxurious Tomato Basil Pasta from Oh She Glows
If you have this cookbook, then you’ve probably eyed this Luxurious Tomato Basil Pasta more than once.  If you don’t have the book, you’re in luck, because I found the recipe online HERE.
Luxurious Tomato Basil Pasta from Oh She Glows
This Luxurious Tomato Basil Pasta uses ingredients that most people have in their cupboards already.  The only thing I had to purchase was fresh basil.  I made a few modifications, which I’ve listed here:
-I omitted the oil called for in the recipe.  The oil is only used for sautéing the onion and garlic, so I simply used veggie broth instead.
-The recipe calls for almond milk to make the cashew cream.  I used cashew milk (because cashew milk is AMAZING) and I think it came out even creamier than it would have with almond.
-I didn’t bother to soak the cashews for two hours.  My Vitamix can handle unsoaked cashews.  If you don’t have a high speed blender, but forgot to soak the cashews, simply boil them on the stove for about 10 minutes.  They’ll soften right up!
-I used whole wheat pasta instead of white, for the extra health points.  The recipe also calls for 9 ounces of pasta, and I used the whole box (13.5 ounces).  There was plenty of sauce to cover all the noodles.
Luxurious Tomato Basil Pasta from Oh She Glows
I can’t even describe how good this dish is.  I was making inappropriate sounds and eating right out of the pot the second it was done.  Angela Liddon knocked it out of the park with this dish.  I adore it, and I know I’ll be making it many times in the future.
Luxurious Tomato Basil Pasta from Oh She Glows
So what are you waiting for!?  Go make this right now!  You’ll be so glad you did.

Vegan Test Kitchen is a way to share my collection of vegan cookbooks with you, my wonderful readers!  This way, you can “try before you buy” on many recipes from the best vegan chefs out there.  Do you have a specific recipe from the cookbook mentioned in this post that you’d like me to try?  Let me know in the comments!

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