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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I spent some relaxing time in Hilton Head, South Carolina, with my husband’s family.  I didn’t crack open a schoolbook and I checked my email only once a day.  It was fantastic.  There was also tons of wonderful food, and I was lucky enough to go to The Studio for one of the best meals of my life.  I’ll recap that meal later this week.  But for now, it’s time for another installment of Weekend Reads!

1. When I first changed my diet I ordered a few cheeseless, veggie pizzas from Pizza Hut, but I was never fully satisfied and mostly just ate the crust.  This pizza from Produce on Parade might just change my mind.  It’s full of roasty, toasty vegetables on a crisp, fluffy crust.

Photo Credit: Produce on Parade

2. Sometimes the biggest struggle about going vegan is facing the reactions of your friends, family, and co-workers.  Cadry’s Kitchen talks about how to react when people won’t eat your vegan food!

Photo Credit: Cadry’s Kitchen

3. Winter is the time for soup, whether you live in Florida or somewhere colder. Hortus Cuisine has beautiful photography and beautiful recipes.  Just the description of this chestnut, farro, and porcini soup has my mouth watering.  It’s definitely going on my list of things to me.

Photo Credit: Hortus Cuisine

4. Egg nog was always a special holiday treat in my house growing up, but I could never drink very much because it was so incredibly rich.  I would always thin mine out with milk so I could drink more.  After discovering Silk Holiday Nog I was in heaven, but I’ve been wanting to make my own.  This recipe from Morsels and Moonshine looks like a great place to start!

Photo Credit: Morsels and Moonshine

5. And finally, check out these Holiday Survival Tips from Life Gone Vegan.  They’re great for a vegan about to face the holidays for the first time.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Reads

  1. Thank you for the shout out! I plan on making your spinach soup tomorrow! I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

    • ThisVeganWhimsy

      That’s exciting! Definitely let me know how it goes. I’ve tested it on my family and friends who like spinach, but it’s always best to have a perspective from someone else 🙂

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