Weekend Reads

It’s Sunday again, and that means it’s time for another installment of Weekend Reads!  Here are my five favorite links of the week:

1. Lacy Davis of Super Strength Health has written an incredibly moving article titled “How to Survive the Holidays in Eating Disorder Recovery.”  Of course, the holidays are over, but I wanted to share her writing because it’s not specifically holiday focused.  Even if you don’t have an eating disorder, if you ever struggle with body insecurity or anxiety about food, you should read this article.  Lacy’s writing is beautiful and personal, and true.

Photo Credit: SuperStrengthHealth

2. If you’ve ever thought about making your own vegetable stock, instead of purchasing bouillon or pre-made broth from the store, this veggie broth how-to guide from The First Mess is a must read.  I’ve referred to it several times over the last few weeks.

Photo Credit: The First Mess

3. Starting out on the journey towards becoming plant-based can be difficult.  It’s best to take it a step at a time, slowly building up new skills and practices that will assist you in your new way of eating.  Yum Universe gives two easy steps to plant-power your kitchen in this article.

Photo Credit: Yum Universe

4. I love nutella.  Or at least, I used to.  Sadly, nutella isn’t vegan, as it contains dairy.  But the flavor profile can be replicated, as Morsels and Moonshine does here in these Boozy Nutella Thumbprints.

Photo Credit: Morsels and Moonshine

5. I eat a heck of a lot of rice bowls.  Recently, I’ve been wanting to expand my bowls to include noodles as a base instead of rice.  This Tofu Veggie Noodle Bowl with Peanut Sauce from Epicurean Vegan looks like a perfect place to start!

Photo Credit: Epicurean Vegan


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